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Library / Blackboard Integration: Using the Content Collection

Blackboard Content Collection

Content Collection is a new area in Blackboard that offers allocated storage space. Content uploaded to this area can be shared with other Blackboard users.

For more information and further links to documentation, see the Visual Glossary for Content Collection

My Content

When you select Content Collection My Content will appear. The storage allocated, 750 MB, is listed next to My Content in the vertical navigation; this amount also appears next to Total Quota. Additionally, you can see how much storage is available once you start uploading content.

In order to share files in the Content Collection space, permission must be granted based on users’ “UUID.” If you are interested in using this section of Blackboard, download the Library Course Role Request form found on the Library Role page; complete the form and submit it to your Blackboard administrator. Your UUID is the number next to My Content (750MB). You can also see this number next to users under the main horizontal navigation. Mine is circled below.

Library Content

Each institution has its own folder in the Library Content area. Once you have selected Library Content from the link in the navigation on the left, select the folder for your institution.


Library Content Folders

There are four folders under the main folder labeled for the institution: Course Materials, Instruction, Projects, Subject Guides.You can create individual folders in each of these, and upload and share files with fellow librarians, other faculty, and courses. You can also share links to websites and LibGuides.

The Library Content area has 5 GB allocated. See your Blackboard administrator if you need more storage.