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Library / Blackboard Integration: Library Role


Library Course Role

Librarians can collaborate with departmental faculty and embed in Blackboard courses by submitting a Library Course Role request. Once embedded, Librarians will be able to deliver resources, assist with assignments and research, and have discussions with students. 


Best Practices for Embedding

Before you Embed

Have a conversation with teaching faculty about:

Expectations for the collaboration;

Research instruction modules that will support the research needs of the course and the types of software or Blackboard features that will be useful for library instruction, such as videos, online lessons, blog posts, discussion boards;

A calendar of dates when the librarian's content will be loaded onto Blackboard, corresponding to the course calendar and syllabus (which can be revised later if needed) -- this ensures that faculty expectations are met;

Defined roles of the professor-librarian partnership and the extent to which the librarian can create content independently on the site.  Faculty may have different levels of comfort with collaboration. Some professors may prefer to load the materials themselves. It is best to connect with the professor via email before posting content on the course site to create trust. 

Learning outcomes and student assessment -- design assessments that will help you improve the collaboration the following semester.

Consider FERPA guidelines and student privacy rights.  If you will be using assessments, student comments or their writing in published research, it is necessary to obtain permission from students using your college's informed consent form. This can be done at the beginning of the course.  

Be equipped to answer questions about copyrighted materials used for instruction. 

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