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OA / OER Toolkit: Image files


You find can a wide variety of art and other materials for Open Access Week:


Ask me about OA, square

Here are some images that I designed a few years ago for City Tech that can be used CUNY-wide. I am including the Photoshop and gif files if you would like to remix the art to include your library's logo, etc.

Cool Poster art

Modified version of Dimitar Poposki's art from OA Week 2013, CC BY, updated for 2015. credit:

a version with no year given at all. Please contact Monica Berger if you would like the Photoshop files. Please don't forget to give attribution! 




NYCCT has branded Open Access Month by emphasing the word OPEN and using modified logos for our event. We made buttons with these images and incorporated them into other outreach.

The basic visual image was designed by NYCCT Faculty Commons intern William Luperena and modified by Monica Berger. Contact Monica for Photoshop files for further modification. 
These images are CC-BY.