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CCL Cooperative Collection Development (CCD) Task Force: Resources

CUNY Library Collection Development Policies

CUNY Office of Library Services CCD Related Committees

CCD Projects and Initiatives

  1. SCELC (Statewide California Electronic Libraries Consortium) Shared Print Program; see:  Here is an excerpt: "SCELC embarked in 2013 on planning a collaborative shared print program for monographs. A strategic plan adopted in 2012 called for SCELC “to make concerted efforts to develop shared print programs that provide for preservation of a reasonable number of copies within defined networks, as well as mechanisms for identifying unique copies, prevalent copies, and processes to share books among member libraries.” 
  2. PALCI Partnership for Academic Library Collaboration & Innovation, "with our membership consisting of 71 academic and research libraries, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, and New York. Our partner institutions vary widely in size and mission. Libraries in PALCI have holdings in excess of 144 million and a combined FTE of more than 500,000 students." (see: ) which has shared print collections and off-site repository projects as well as EZ-Borrow.
  3. ConnectNY is “a consortium of independent academic institutions in New York State. The mission of ConnectNY is to share collections, leverage resources, and enhance services through cooperative initiatives and coordinated activities." See: 
  4. Eastern Academic Scholars' Trust (EAST) "is the collaborative effort of a large group of academic and research libraries to document, protect, and provide long-term access to their print collections. As of March, 2021, EAST has 82 member institutions in 13 states from Maine to Florida, EAST is focused on retaining unique, scarcely held, and frequently used scholarly books and journals in support of scholarship, research and teaching." See: 
  5. WEST: Western Regional Storage Trust "is a distributed journal archiving program founded in 2010 and hosted by the California Digital Library at the University of California." See:
  6. Orbis Cascade Alliance is "consortium of 37 colleges and universities in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho," and manages a distributed print repository among its members.
  7. Partnership for Shared Book Collections is "a federation of monograph shared print programs in the U.S. and Canada whose mission is to ensure the long-term preservation of, access to, and integrity of monographic print resources." Members include ConnectNY, EAST, etc.
  8.   Book: Kelly, Madeline M. (2021). The Complete Collections Assessment Manual: A Holistic Approach. New York: Neal-Schuman.  See: