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CCL Cooperative Collection Development (CCD) Task Force: Shared Print Agreements and Best Practices

Example Retention Commitments

  1. RLG Shared Print Policy Review report (2009). A review of shared print agreements undertaken " with the goal of identifying common elements that might form the basis of a policy framework based on pragmatic examples of inter-institutional cooperation."
  2. Eastern Scholars' Academic Trust retention commitments.
  3. WEST: Western Regional Storage Trust documents, including sample retention commitments and other useful examples.
  4. PALCI Distributed Print Archive (PDPA) documents, including sample agreement and other administrative materials.
  5. Orbis Cascade Alliance Memorandum of Understanding (PDF).

Miscellaneous Resources

Collaborative Collection Development Projects and Practices

  1. Research Article: Levenson, Helen N., and Amanda Nichols Hess. 2020. “Collaborative Collection Development: Current Perspectives Leading to Future Initiatives.” The Journal of Academic Librarianship 46 (5): 102201. (OLS proxied link)
  2.  Orbis Cascade Alliance Collection Development Best Practices
  3. Orbis Cascade Alliance Duplication Threshold Guidelines
  4. Orbis Cascade Alliance Last Copy Guidelines (PDF)