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JSTOR currently offers 28 collections of archival journals. Of these, 13 are multidisciplinary Arts & Sciences collections, one is devoted to disciplines in the life sciences, and two additional multidisciplinary collections, Ireland and Hebrew Journals, are united by a common national or linguistic background. JSTOR also offers 12 discipline-specific collections for institutions with a specialized research focus.

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JSTOR as Tool for Reaching Beyond the Campus

JSTOR Daily - Where News Meets its Scholarly Match

"Fanf–kingtastic and Edumacational: The Case of English Infixation"

The articles in JSTOR Daily draw on the scholarly content in the JSTOR database to deliver highly readable and informative and relevant essays under the headings Arts & Culture, Business & Economics, Politics & History, Science & Technology, Education & Society.  JSTOR Daily is both interesting and a pedagogical tool for how to turn research on a given topic into an article.  Because these articles are brief and engaging, librarians may want to show these to students as a way to reverse-engineer from a paper to the research materials that inspire the paper.

JSTOR - Understanding Shakespeare

An interactive tool connecting digital texts from the Folger Shakespeare Library with articles on JSTOR. Pick a play. Click a line. Instantly see articles on JSTOR that reference the line.


JSTOR & Project Muse - Complementary Databases

There is a very good reason librarians and teachers short on time may say to their students, "'just use Project Muse and JSTOR articles' and be done with it."  JSTOR and Project Muse may often be seen as complimentary products and are both well respected, full-text resources that are available in many academic libraries.  As popular as they both are -- and who isn't a librarian who has had students come into a library and ask specifically for JSTOR? -- JSTOR and Project Muse have many distinctive features that set them apart from each other.  The following table can serve as a useful tool for librarians recommending one or the other of these two popular databases to students eager to do their research, but not sure which one to use.


Project Muse

Contains full text for most journals included Contains full text for most journals included
Nearly all titles begins with the first issue A limited number of journals included go back to the first issue
Some titles go back over 200 years old The oldest first issue of a title is Modern Drama, published in 1958
The more recent issues of most titles become available from behind a moving wall as time passes.  Typically, the past 4-5 years of a title are not available Most recent issues of full-text titles are included
Covers all subjects, but because of the moving wall, is not a good choice for researchers seeking the most current information, such as scientists and social scientists Covers all subjects, but strongest in the humanities and social sciences


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Project Muse

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Subscriber Support Coordinator

Project Muse/Electronic Projects

Johns Hopkins University Press

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Phone: 410-516-6989


For Electronic Resources Librarian


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Serials Solutions Targets -- Jstor Arts & Sciences (I through XII)

OneSearch Coverage -- 100%


Project Muse

License dates -- License dated Jan. 1, 2012, renewed annually.

Serials Solutions Target -- Project Muse -- Standard Collection

OneSearch Coverage -- 100%

About Project Muse

Project MUSE offers full-text current and archival articles from 600+ scholarly journals from major university presses covering literature and criticism, history, performing arts, cultural studies, education, philosophy, political science, gender studies, and more. Updated continually.

MUSE currently includes:
355,717 articles and 803,897 chapters by 248 publishers

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