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CUNY Technical Services: Alma Configuration - Resource Management


Alma Configuration for Resource Management function

Alma is designed to be highly configurable and able to fit the needs of a very diverse customer base. In order to meet local needs, it is necessary to configure various Alma functions. Many parameters in the initial Alma configuration setting contain default values, which have been selected to reflect best practice recommendations for most libraries. For local needs, CUNY institutions may want to customize at least some of these parameters.

This LibGuide page contains default CUNY specific configuration forms for Alma Resource Management (the column to the right). OLS has filled out most elements for each institution. Using the default configuration as baseline, we need to collect information necessary for additional customization for your institution. The documentation Alma Configuration Guide is also provided in the LibGuide to help us better understand the form for proper data entry.

We ask each institution to do the following:

  1. Review carefully the Resource Management chapter (p. 58-64) in the Alma Configuration Guide. CUNY specific instructions are provided in the documentation.
  2. Examine the question "Any Local 9XX fields used that should be indexed". Leave the current elements (entered by OLS) alone. Add additional elements as needed for your institution.
  3. Examine the question "Call Number Parsing". This is to configure how you want to print your spine labels. You can change the pre-filled (by OLS) choices based on your local practices. 
  4. Use the Google Sheet to request your changes or additions to the Alma config. form.
  5. Feel free to communicate with Cathy for any questions/comments.

Deadline: Noon, February 18, 2020.