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Library Resources for CUNY Central Employees: Newspapers

The New York Times Digital Subsription

The New York Times Digital is now available to all CUNY students, faculty and staff! The CUNY account now entitles all people with and email domains to acquire a subscription to the digital NYTimes. Once an account is created, access is available from anywhere with a NYTimes login.

Anyone who initiates an account will have an active subscription for one year from the date he/she creates the account. If a patron already has an annual subscription to the NYTimes, he/she can cancel it and will receive a refund. However, if the patron only has a monthly subscription, the New York Times will not issue a refund for that month.

The academic digital subscription works as a regular digital NYTimes subscription with two exceptions:

  1. the academic subscription does not include an app for a tablet. Apps are available for smart phones but tablet users should access the NYTimes at, and
  2. the academic subscription limits the number of archives articles from 1923 to 1980 that can be downloaded.

Start your subscription to The New York Times Digital now →

The Wall Street Journal Digital Subscription

The Office of Library Services has negotiated with Dow Jones to allow all members of the CUNY community to access the Wall Street Journal!  Everybody with a and email domain should now be able to activate a digital subscription.

Go to to activate your "membership" and then go to "the Journal" at

Current subscribers can call 1-800-JOURNAL (1-800-568-7625) to switch from their paid subscription to the membership through their campus and they will be refunded the remaining balance of their subscription.

In addition to your subscription, a membership includes:

  1. WSJ mobile and tablet apps
  2. A newsletter of curated content sent to your inbox every month
  3. WSJ+: complimentary access to events, offers, and experiences (including travel, dining, and theater)

Faculty/Staff Membership Expiration

All faculty & staff retain WSJ membership for one year after activating. After that, they will have to re-activate their membership.

Student Membership Expiration

When a student activates their membership, they are required to input their graduation date & year. This is their membership expiration date. If they graduate later than expected and lose access, they can re-activate their membership.

Newspaper Databases

CUNY has subscriptions to several databases that contain the full text of newspaper articles from American and international publications:

Ethnic Newswatch

Gannett Newstand →

Lexis-Nexis Academic →

National Newspaper Index →

New York State Newspapers →

Newsstand →

Alternatively, you can search for a particular newspaper:

Browse all periodicals →

Education Newspapers

No subscription is required to get either The Chronicle of Higher Education or The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Simply go to either of these links and read:

Chronicle of Higher Education →

Chronicle of Philanthropy →

(Like our other electronic resources, if you are at a CUNY central location you can access these periodicals without login credentials. If you are accessing from home or another non-CUNY site, you must enter your CUNY Login credentials.)

Don't forget the freely available Inside Higher Education:

Inside Higher Education →