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STEM at CUNY Libraries--Promotional Toolkit: STEM Proposal




In the Spring 2015 Semester, the Chancellor approved a proposal from the Office of Library Services, which called for a subsidy to the CUNY Libraries' budgets so that the entire University can share in the access to a comprehensive package of STEM resources. These subsidies, from the University, the Office of Library Services, and from CUNY's Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC), along with money from all of the individual libraries' budgets insure that all members of the University community have access to IEEE Xplore, Nature Journals, Cinahl Complete, Springer Journals, the Freedom Collection from Elsevier, and Wiley Journals.

This guide aims to make available information about promotional material from all of the vendors to assist CUNY librarians in promoting these rich STEM resources.






In preparing a 21st Century Workforce "...we must, among other things, increase the emphasis on STEM education." -- J. K. Milliken.