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CUNY Chief Librarians' Handbook of Best Practices: CUNY Administration

CUNY Administration

Board of Trustees

CUNY Administration


Council of Chief Librarians

Council of Chief Librarians

The CUNY Council of Chief Librarians is comprised of all campus locations' Chiefs, representatives from the Office of Library Services, the Library Association of CUNY (LACUNY), a representative from the Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Science, and a representative from the SUNY libraries.  Other guests are invited to the meetings as needed.  (Monthly meetings generally at Baruch's Library on second Mondays 10-noon.) The CUNY Office of Library Services adds new Chief's to the e-mail distribution list.  The current Chair and Secretary add members to the Academic Commons sites listed below.

Current Chair:

  • Mary Mallery - Brooklyn College

Current Co-Chair: 

  • Simone Yearwood - Queens College

Current Secretary:

  • Amy Stempler - College of Staten Island

Immediate Past Chair:

  • Kathleen Dreyer - BMCC

CUNY Office of Library Services

CUNY Office of Library Services (OLS)

OLS Administrative Office 

Led by the University Dean of Libraries and Information Systems, the Office of Library Services (OLS) works with CUNY libraries and peer academic units to envision, implement, and deliver centralized library services and program management in support of CUNY’s mission. OLS acquires and licenses all university-wide electronic and digital collections and provides resource management, global discovery and access to CUNY Libraries’ shared core collections and CUNY’s scholarly record. OLS also delivers centralized technical services including cataloging and book processing. Responsible for CUNY Libraries’ IT Strategy, OLS acquires, licenses and administers all university-wide library enterprise technology and partners with CIS to provide CUNY libraries with technical/functional support services. OLS develops and oversees all university-wide OER and Open Access initiatives and administers CUNY’s Institutional Repository. OLS offers leadership and professional development in scholarly communications, open access and publishing, copyright, and operations management. OLS also sponsors and coordinates more than 20 committees/workgroups. These provide collaborative forums for the CUNY library stakeholders to come together for discussion and to share best practices.

CUNY Libraries' Selected Resources


Professional Staff Congress of CUNY

The PSC- CUNY is the union for CUNY faculty, which includes Library faculty members in the professorial titles as well as, Lecturers, Instructors, College Laboratory Technician, and Higher Education series. (Full and Part Time; both Permanent and Substitute)  Obligations and Rights of faculty are defined by the PSC-CUNY Contract updated as renegotiated from time-to-time. 

After the CUNY Board of Trustees' Bylaws, the Contract defines things such as workload, leaves, evaluation procedures and cycles/deadlines, professional development support among others.


Contract Sections Important for Library Faculty

Library Faculty members' rights are challenged re: parity when measured against other non-library faculty at CUNY.   For this reason special sections of the Contract make accommodations as won in Contract negotiations.  These pertain to Annual Leave definitions, "Reassigned Time" (A.K.A. research Leave) which is a substitute for the course releases that non-library faculty get while in tenure mode, Library Professional Reassignment Leave (which lends parity to the inequitable Annual Leave time afforded to Library Faculty in the Contract), and the timelines and procedures for proper annual evaluations and guidance given to faculty members. 


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Academic Technology

Administrative Technology

Instructional Technology

Campus Stakeholders

Directories and Organizational Charts

Professional Support Staff

CUNY Labor Relations

Employee Professional Development

Professional Development, Research, & Scholarship

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