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CUNY libraries statistics 2015-2016 (Archive)

ACRL Library Collections

Library Collections 

see ACRL instructions pp. 9-15

40 Books [title count] (column 1 physical)

Use Table 1. This is a title count.

40 Books [title count] (column 2 digital/electronic)

Use the total number of e-books for your campus in Table 2. 

Note:  For the past two years, we have used a report developed by systems librarians in the Office of Library Services using SFX institutional holdings data that may be significantly different from previous years' numbers, which used e-books cataloged in Aleph as a basis for the count.  This current data is a more accurate count of e-books available to individual libraries.

40a Books [volume count] (column 1 physical)

Use Table 3. This is a volume count.  Add to this number a count of any volumes, including bound serials, that do not have an item record.

41 Databases (column 2 digital/electronic)

Count licensed databases, both bibliographic and FT, on your A-Z list. Include e-book collections. Do not include individual titles such as the NYTimes digital or the Chronicle of Higher Education.

42 Media (column 1 physical)

Use Table 4, physical media. Add to this total your total number of microform titles. You may retrieve this number by doing a CCL search on your local collections for microforms. Include maps hereSee ACRL instructions p. 12

42 Media (column 2 digital/electronic)

See title count for various streaming media collections in Table 5 and add individually purchased titles. Do not include full title count for Kanopy or other PDA/DDA collections. Only include titles have been purchased by the library.  See ACRL instructions p. 13.

43 Serials titles (column 1 physical)

NISO definition: "A serial is a publication in any medium issued in successive parts bearing numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued indefinitely. This definition includes, in any format, periodicals, newspapers, and annuals (reports, yearbooks, etc.); the journals, memoirs, proceedings, transactions, etc. of societies; and numbered monographic series."

Use Table 6, which reflects serial titles, not subscriptions. Include count of ceased titles if available. Report all microforms in line 42.

43 Serials titles (column 2 digital/electronic)

Use Table 7, a report generated by OLS using SFX data.

Note: in previous surveys, this data was collected using Serials Solutions. Numbers reported this year may vary from earlier surveys. SFX data is a more accurate reflection of campus holdings.

44 Total (physical)

Calculated sum of 40, 42 & 43

44 Total (electronic)

Calculated sum of 40, 41, 42 & 43

Total print monograph bib records in Aleph (title count)

College Number of records
CUNY-wide records (AL) n/a
Baruch (BB) 284,482
Brooklyn (BC) 673,398
BMCC (BM) 95,049
Bronx (BX) 62,432
CITY (CC) + (DSI) 727,694
CUNY LAW (CL) 23,792
Graduate Center (GC) 204,568
Journalism (GJ) 2,787
Hostos (HO) 53,801
Hunter (HC) + Centro (CP) 435,121
John Jay (JJ) 182,059
Kingsborough (KB) 153,893
Lehman (LE) 299,414
LaGuardia (LG) 90,014
Medgar Evers (ME) 102,626
Guttman (NC) 1,918
City Tech (NY) 116,667
Queensborough (QB) 113,634
Queens (QC) 630,686
CSI (SI) 175,782
York (YC) 146,077

Command search in the Aleph: wow=xx and wfm=(bk or mu) not wpd=(c or h) not wfs=m not wst=suppressed or circ [this is the title count]

Report Date: August 17, 2016

College Ebooks
Baruch 515,356
BC 502,164
BMCC 488,639
Bronx CC 480,246
City +DSI 535,504
Law 478,975
Grad 754,054
Journalism 480,629
Hostos 484,339
Hunter and Centro 498,891
John Jay 631,477
Kingsborough 481,635
Lehman 554,885
LaGuardia 483,479
Medgar 483,694
Guttman 479,137
City Tech 487,902
Queensborough 525,762
Queens  488,119
CSI 480,705
York 498,527

SFX report run by OLS, includes 479,089 centrally provided (AL) e-books. 

Report was run 10/21/16.



Total print items records in Aleph (items count)

Aleph report physical_type_count: items for each campus with material type BOOK, ISSBD, MANUS, SCO.  Add to this number a count of any serial volumes that do not have an item record.

College Number of items
CUNY-wide records (AL) n/a
Baruch (BB) 333,250
Brooklyn (BC) 852,805
BMCC (BM) 124,572
Bronx (BX) 74,689
CITY (CC) + (DSI) 740,504
CUNY LAW (CL) 30,791
Graduate Center (GC) 231,408
Journalism (GJ) 2974
Hostos (HO) 61,193
Hunter (HC) + Centro (CP) 515,458
John Jay (JJ) 222,206
Kingsborough (KB) 183,264
Lehman (LE) 362,674
LaGuardia (LG) 98,686
Medgar Evers (ME) 124,331
Guttman (NC) 2,633
City Tech (NY) 143,698
Queensborough (QB) 125,818
Queens (QC) 739,071
CSI (SI) 204,369
York (YC) 159,592

Collection Items Count (Physical)

Report Date: July 3, 2016

NOTE: All active physical items, not including electronic resources. Excluded item statuses: CA, CL, CN, EB, ER, LO, LP, MI, MT, NA, NP, NR, OR, OI, ON, RP, SE, SU, WD.

Media (physical)

Add microforms* to the number in the table below.

  • *For microforms, do a CCL search on your local microfilms, microfiches collections in Aleph GUI. Please contact your cataloger or us if you have questions about collection codes.
    • example: wow=xx and wcl=(MFILM or FICHE or MICRO)
  • When doing a command search in Aleph, select "Bib file" (see below).


Physical Media bib counts (excludes microforms)


Physical Media

(excludes microforms)

Baruch (BB) 3,514
Brooklyn (BC) 22,693
BMCC (BM) 2,129
Bronx CC (BX) 2,545
City + DSI (CC or DS) 22,745
Law (CL) 230
Grad (GC) 5,872
Journalism (GJ) 68
Hostos (HO) 1940
Hunter + Centro (HC or CP) 27,524
John Jay (JJ) 16,488
Kingsborough (KB) 1,618
Lehman (LE) 4,442
LaGuardia (LG) 3,936
Medgar (ME) 6,987
Guttman (NC) 118
City Tech (NY) 4,823
Queensborough (QB) 16,353
Queens (QC) 47,322
CSI (SI) 21,883
York (YC) 172

wow=xx and wpd=(a or d or f or g or k or m or s or v) not WST=SUPPRESSED

*Excludes suppressed bibs  -- last year we included them, but we decided to leave them out of the count since they are not discoverable in the catalog.  If you wish to include them, use the CCL search above minus the "not wst=suppressed"

*As of 8/10/2016

Title counts for streaming media collections listed on ERAC survey 2015-16

Alexander Street Press:  To get the title number of titles for the collections your campus subscribes to, click on "bibliography" for each collection page :Video collections are listed here  Audio collections can be found on the complete list:

Some Media collection title counts courtesy of Ellen Sexton at JJ -- use admin site counts when available -- they are probably more reliable than the public web site:

Collection name No. titles from vendor admin site, Jan 2017  (signed in as JJ) No. titles from vendor public web site, Jan 2017
Films On Demand: Master Academic Package 22,418 24,382
FMG Archival Films & Newsreels Collection 4,513 4,530
Alex St: American History in Video not provided 8028
Alex St: Counseling & Therapy in Video, volume 1 not provided 355
Alex St: Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video not provided 768
Alex St: Ethnographic Video Online, vol I & 2 not provided 842
Alex St: Human Rights Studies Online  not provided 287
Alex St: Psychological Experiments Online not provided 99
Alex St: PBS video collection, first edition not provided 318


DRAM: 4624 albums  detailed here:

Films on Demand -- this page lists title counts for different academic collections.

Kanopy:  If using PDA/DDA, only include titles you have purchased

Naxos Music Library: 125,840 -- found here:

College Print serials
Baruch (BB) 6,429
Brooklyn (BC) 16,938
BMCC (BM) 1,292
Bronx (BX) 401
City (CC) + DSI (DS) 18,818
Law (CL) 1,642
Grad (GC) 1,350
Journalism (GJ) 121
Hostos (HO) 305
Hunter (HC) + Centro (CP) 6,282
John Jay (JJ) 7,124
Kingsborough (KB) 1,840
Lehman (LE) 4,448
LaGuardia (LG) 1,377
Medgar (ME) 957
Guttman (NC) 33
City Tech (NY) 1,650
Queensborough (QB) 1,236
Queens (QC) 14,421
CSI (SI) 1,897
York (YC) 1,201

*Excludes suppressed bibs (as of 8/11/2016)

wow=xx and wfm=se not wpd=h not wpd=c not wst=suppressed

E-journal count generated by OLS using SFX -- report generated on 10/21/16

College electronic serials
Baruch 107,721
BC 99,378
BMCC 94,735
Bronx CC 94,310
City + DSI 97,324
Law 95,611
Grad 98,001
Journalism 98,494
Hostos 95,446
Hunter + Centro 96,375
John Jay 101,219
Kingsborough 96,176
Lehman 95,112
LaGuardia 96,139
Medgar 95,927
Guttman 94,266
City Tech 95,329
Queensborough 95,135
Queens  105,961
CSI 99,079
York 99,394