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Library Assessment: Assessment Activity of the Month

This Libguide is a place to aggregate information about library assessment activities and best practices

Assessment Activity of the Month

The College of Staten Island Library’s Mark Aaron Polger has been at the forefront of assessment research regarding best practices, branding, and effective use of signage in libraries. Mark has published, presented, and conducted workshops extensively on this topic sharing his insights on using signage as a marketing and communication tool, developing signage policies, and conducting quantitative and qualitative assessment practices for library signage.


Polger, M.A., Stempler, A.F. (2014). Out with the Old, In with the New: Best Practices for Replacing Library Signage. Public Services Quarterly, 10(2), 67-95.

Stempler, A.F., Polger, M.A. (2013). Do You See the signs?: Evaluating Language, Branding, and Design in a Library signage Audit. Public Services Quarterly, 9(2), 121-135.


Using Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment Tools to Understand Students’ Perceptions of Library Signage, CUNY Library Assessment Fair, April 20, 2018.

Effective Library Signage: Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices Workshop, An ALA Webinar, July 12, 2017.