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CUNY libraries statistics 2014-2015 (Archive)

A guide to assist CUNY libraries with the ACRL and IPEDS surveys

ACRL Library Collections

Library Collections 

see ACRL instructions pp. 6-10

40 Books (physical)

Use Aleph report in Tab 1 physical_type_count. This is a new report and your numbers may vary from last year's response.

40 Books (digital/electronic)

Use the total number of e-books for your campus in Table 2. 

Note:  this report has been developed by systems librarians in the Office of Library Services using SFX institutional holdings data and may be significantly different from last year's number, which used e-books cataloged in Aleph as a basis for the count.  This current data is a more accurate count of e-books available to individual libraries. You will be asked by ACRL to explain the difference from last year.  You can state that these new numbers have been derived from institutional holdings in our discovery service rather than the OPAC.

41 Serials titles (physical)

NISO definition: "A serial is a publication in any medium issued in successive parts bearing numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued indefinitely. This definition includes, in any format, periodicals, newspapers, and annuals (reports, yearbooks, etc.); the journals, memoirs, proceedings, transactions, etc. of societies; and numbered monographic series."

Use Table 3, which reflects serial titles, not subscriptions. Include count of ceased titles if available. Report all microforms in line 43.

41 Serials titles (electronic)

Use Table 4, a report generated by OLS using SFX data. ***please note, in previous surveys, this data was collected using Serials Solutions. Numbers reported this year may vary from earlier surveys. SFX data is a more accurate reflection of campus holdings.***

42 Databases

1) Count local licensed electronic resources, both bibliographic and FT. Include local e-book collections on your A-Z list.

2) Add your local number to 98 centrally-licensed databases.  (this does not include individual titles such as the Chronicle of Higher Education or New York Times Digital editions.)

See ACRL instructions p. 9

43 Media (physical)

Use Table 5, physical media. Add to this total your total number of microform titles. You may retrieve this number by doing a CCL search on your local collections for microforms.   See ACRL instructions p. 9

43 Media (electronic)

See title count for digital media collections in Tab 6 and add individual streaming titles.

44 Total (physical)

Calculated sum of 40 & 43

44 Total (electronic)

Calculated sum of 40, 42 & 43

Aleph report physical_type_count: items for each campus with material type BOOK, ISSBD, MANUS, SCO.  Add to this number a count of any volumes that do not have an item record, such as bound serials.

BB 326,843
BC 836,240
BM 117,035
BX 76,977
CC 688,795
CL 29,760
CP 14,525
GC 229,111
GJ 2,592
HC 489,566
HO 58,408
JJ 217,243
KB 172,708
LE 350,582
LG 97,308
ME 119,070
NC 1,900
NY 142,886
QB 118,896
QC 726,084
SI 197,308
YC 150,914


Collection Items Count (Physical)

Report Date: December 29, 2015

NOTE: All active physical items, not including electronic resources. Excluded item statuses: CA, CL, CN, EB, ER, LO, LP, MI, MT, NA, NP, NR, OR, OI, ON, RP, SE, SU, WD.


College Ebooks
Baruch 474,611
BC 482,291
BMCC 458,207
Bronx CC 457,998
City +DSI 494,198
Law 458,805
Grad 696,574
Journalism 457,644
Hostos 462,197
Hunter and Centro 471,343
John Jay 612,544
Kingsborough 458,928
Lehman 460,220
LaGuardia 460,329
Medgar 462,723
Guttman 456,859
City Tech 471,528
Queensborough 503,313
Queens  465,682
CSI 457,488
York 473,723

SFX report run by OLS, includes 456,805 centrally provided (AL) e-books.

College Print serials
Baruch 8,144
BC 16,995
BMCC 1,617
Bronx CC 1,121
City + DSI 21,556
Law 2,540
Grad 2,125
Journalism 141
Hostos 370
Hunter + Centro 6,823
John Jay 7,506
Kingsborough 1,920
Lehman 8,558
LaGuardia 1,575
Medgar 1,465
Guttman 36
City Tech 2,525
Queensborough 1,606
Queens  16,566
CSI 3,970
York 2,795

*includes suppressed bibs (as of 1/22/2016)

CCL search: wow=xx and wfm=se not wpd=h not wpd=c


E-journal count generated by OLS using SFX

***please note, in previous surveys, this data was collected using Serials Solutions. Numbers reported this year may vary from earlier surveys. SFX data is a more accurate reflection of campus holdings.

College Print serials
Baruch 117,833
BC 108,395
BMCC 102,587
Bronx CC 102,800
City + DSI 105,542
Law 103,557
Grad 105,411
Journalism 106,910
Hostos 103,524
Hunter + Centro 104,569
John Jay 111,772
Kingsborough 104,353
Lehman 103,355
LaGuardia 104,710
Medgar 104,406
Guttman 102,517
City Tech 103,757
Queensborough 103,324
Queens  113,814
CSI 107,843
York 107,454

Media (physical)

Add micorforms* to the number in the table below.

  • *For microforms, do a CCL search on your local microfilms, microfishes collections. Please contact your cataloger or us if you have questions about collection codes.
    • example: wow=xx and wcl=(MFILM or FICHE or MICRO)

Physical Media bib counts (excludes microforms)


Physical Media

(excludes microforms)

Baruch (BB) 3,849
Brooklyn (BC) 22,655
BMCC (BM) 2,592
Bronx CC (BX) 2,623
City + DSI (CC or DS) 26,941
Law (CL) 309
Grad (GC) 5,833
Journalism (GJ) 67
Hostos (HO) 2,207
Hunter + Centro (HC or CP) 26,481
John Jay (JJ) 16,487
Kingsborough (KB) 1,618
Lehman (LE) 6,941
LaGuardia (LG) 20,915
Medgar (ME) 8,014
Guttman (NC) 113
City Tech (NY) 5,097
Queensborough (QB) 16,393
Queens (QC) 47,379
CSI (SI) 3,123
York (YC) 147

wow=xx and wpd=(a or d or f or g or k or m or s or v)

*Includes suppressed bibs

*As of 2/2/2016

Title counts for streaming media collections listed on ERAC survey 2014-15

Alexander Street Press:  (use your admin login at for title counts for collections not listed below)

  • American History in Video: 7,964
  • Black Studies in Video: 841
  • Classical Music Library: 1,627
  • Counseling and Therapy in Video v.1-3, 990
  • Criterion videos -- login for title count to specific collection
  • Dance in Video II, 1133
  • Education in Video v.1, v.2, 5160
  • Filmmakers Library Online, 1282
  • Music Online: Listening Plus, 647,028
  • Classical Performance in Video, 1991
  • Nursing Assessment in Video, 14
  • PBS Video, 362
  • The Criterion Collection: Silent films from Charlie Chaplin & Harold Lloyd, 14
  • Music Online: Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries, 3079
  • Theater in Video, 305 albums, 725 videos
  • Vast Academic Videos online, 21,884
  • World History Video, 8949

DRAM: 4483

Films on Demand

  • Full collection: 15,410
  • Humanities and Social Sciences: 6400
  • Health and Medicine: 1600

Media Education Foundation Videos: 147

Naxos Music Library: 118,700