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Design Tips for Promoting Eresources: Get Icons

Noun Project

Icons are a great way to break up large blocks of text, and to draw your reader in toward important information.

The Noun Project is a great resource to retrieve free, royalty-free icons -- just search for any noun (ie: "yarn", "library", "lightbulb"), select the icon you want, and download! The images come with the citations pre-included, so there's no worry about giving credit. 

Pro-tip: If you're feeling crafty & industrious, crop out the citation included with the image and include it elsewhere in your text. It will make the icon look cleaner while still complying with copyright.

(Glasses icon by Rigo Peter from the Noun Project)


Iconfinder is a free program recommended by Librarian Design Share. There is also a premium version but the basic is free to all.

Google Image Search

To find icons using a Google Image Search, try the following:


  • Search for the name of the type of icon you want to find
  • Include the word "vector" or "icon" with your search term
  • Select "Images" and then "Search Tools"
    • Under the option for "Color", select "Transparent" -- this option will provide you with images that do not include a back ground
    • Under the option for "Usage Rights", select "Labeled for Reuse" -- because you're a librarian!