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Design Tips for Promoting Eresources: Design Programs


Canva is filled with options to make quick, but beautiful, designs.

Each new project can be designed with a template with the dimensions already set, so that can focus your attention on creating beautiful designs in seconds.

Canva has some templates for print materials but not for bookmarks. is a program for infographics recommended by Librarian Design Share.

More web-based programs

Two popular, free web-based programs are:


GIMP is somewhat difficult to learn but might be appropriate for those familiar with Photoshop

Google Drawings

Integrated into Google Drive, Google Drawings provides many basic image-related functionalities including:

  • image editing 
  • image creation-- particularly useful for creating shapes

Powerpoint for Plasma Screen Slides

Powerpoint is the fastest, easiest way to quickly create plasma screen slides--no need to resize images and it's easy to add type and layer it over an image or put it into a text box. Save your file to either .pdf or an image file as per your plasma screen's requirements.