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CUNY libraries statistics 2017-2018 (archive)

ACRL Library Collections

Library Collections

See ACRL instructions (pp. 9-14)

Question Explanation

40 Books [title count] (column A physical)

Use Table 1. This is a print title count.

40 Books [title count] (column B digital/electronic)

Use Table 2. This is an e-book title count.

40a Books [volume count] (column A physical)

Use Table 3. This is a volume count.  Add to this number a count of any volumes, including bound serials, that do not have an item record.

41 Databases (column B digital/electronic)

Count CUNY and locally licensed databases, both bibliographic and full text, on your A-Z list.

  • Include e-book collections
  • Include NOVELNYdatabases.
  • Include databases of open access book and journals if you link to them on your AZ list and they are discoverable through OneSearch (e.g.Directory of Open Access Journals, PLoS)

DO NOT include individual titles such as the NYTimes digital or the Chronicle of Higher Education; count those as part of 43B.

42a Media (column A physical)

Use Table 4, physical media, which now includes non-serial microforms.

Include maps here.

42b Media (column B digital/electronic)

Table 5 is NOT a complete list. It includes links to vendor websites which list  title counts for streaming media collections. If yours isn't listed, please reach out to the vendor.

Sum up title counts for collections your campus subscribes to, found on the ERAC survey. 

  • Only include titles that have been purchased or leased by the library. 
  • Do not include full title count for Kanopy or other PDA/DDA collections--only count titles for which a lease has been triggered.
  • For audio collections, do not count tracks, count titles only.
43a Serials titles (column A physical)

Use Table 6, which reflects serial titles, including microforms and a count of ceased titles. 

43b Serials titles (column B digital/electronic)

Use Table 7, a report generated by OLS using SFX data. The count includes open access titles searchable through OneSearch. Add  individual electronic titles that are not part of your SFX holdings.

44 Total (physical)  Calculated sum of 40, 42 & 43

44 Total (electronic)  Calculated sum of 40, 41, 42 & 43

45 External Contributions from Consortia/Networks  Report your campus total reported on the report found on the External Expenditures Tab

Total print monograph bib records in Aleph (title count) to answer ACRL Q40 physical

These numbers were compiled using the following CCL in Aleph: 

wow=xx and wfm=(bk or mu) not wpd=(c or h) not wfs=m not wst=suppressed or circ [title count]

College Number of records
CUNY-wide records (AL) n/a
Baruch (BB) 287,607
Brooklyn (BC) 681,608
BMCC (BM) 92,241
Bronx (BX) 63,510
CITY (CC) + DSI (DS) + SPH (PH) 741,370
CUNY LAW (CL) 23,987
Graduate Center (GC) 211,015
Journalism (GJ) 3,080
Hostos (HO) 53,952
Hunter (HC) + Centro (CP) 441, 302
John Jay (JJ) 183,072
Kingsborough (KB) 157,415
Lehman (LE) 307,945
LaGuardia (LG) 90,103
Medgar Evers (ME) 103,073
Guttman (NC) 2,071
City Tech (NY) 114,391
Queensborough (QB) 111,408
Queens (QC) 636,785
CSI (SI) 175,825
York (YC) 148,846

Searches run: 7/9/18


SFX report run by OLS, includes 566,161  centrally provided (AL) e-books.   ACRL Q40 electronic.

College Ebooks
Baruch 629,067 
BC 606,155 
BMCC 580,303  
Bronx CC 568,002 
City + DSI+ SPH 767,165 
Law 652,127 
Grad 841,618 
Journalism 567,787 
Hostos 571,102 
Hunter and Centro 651,948 
John Jay 726,619 
Kingsborough 570,304 
Lehman 698,401 
LaGuardia 576,999 
Medgar 571,371 
Guttman 566,507
City Tech 573,205 
Queensborough 605,816
Queens  574,551 
CSI 569,514 
York 588,857 

Report was run: August 2018


Total print items records in Aleph (items count)

Aleph report physical_type_count: items for each campus with material type BOOK, ISSBD, MANUS, SCO.  Add to this number a count of any serial volumes that do not have an item record. This is your answer for ACRL Q40a

Baruch 326,066
BMCC 113,472
Bronx 74,670 
Brooklyn 865,971 
City + Public Health 746,307
City Tech 126,884
Grad 247,969
Guttman 2,779
Hostos 61,169
Hunter and Centro 521,379
John Jay  221,966
Journalism 3,352
Kingsborough 187,342
LaGuardia 99,474
Law 30,046
Lehman 373,809
Medgar 124,237
Queensborough 121,816
Queens 742,295
Staten Island 203,120
York 161,027

Collection Items Count (Physical)

Report Date: July 3, 2018

NOTE: All active physical items, not including electronic resources. Excluded item statuses: CA, CL, CN, EB, ER, LO, LP, MI, MT, NA, NP, NR, OR, OI, ON, RP, SE, SU, WD.

Physical Media bib counts (includes microforms)


Physical Media





Microform collection codes


(report this number for Q42a )

Baruch (BB) 3362 7164 FILM 10,526
Brooklyn (BC) 22,474 28,627 MF; FMP; MICRO; MFC; MFI    51,101
BMCC (BM) 2,389 NA? 2,389
Bronx CC (BX) 2,137 5 FICHE, FILM 2,142
City + DSI + SPH (CC or DS or PH) 23,140 1691 MFILM, MICRO, DOCFC, DOCFL, DOCCH 24,831
Law (CL) 257 0 NA? 257
Grad (GC) 6,013 11,794



Journalism (GJ) 76 0 NA? 76
Hostos (HO) 2243 0 NA 2243
Hunter + Centro (HC or CP) 27,366 184 MICRO (FOR EACH) 27,550
John Jay (JJ) 30,158 3962 FICH, FILM, SPMIC 34,120
Kingsborough (KB) 1,857 0 PEMIC 1,857
Lehman (LE) 4,585 333 MICRO, EDMIC 4,918
LaGuardia (LG) 3,632 0 NA 3,362
Medgar (ME) 7008 0? NA 7008
Guttman (NC) 148 0 NA 148
City Tech (NY) 4,854 11 MICRO 4,865
Queensborough (QB) 16,779 3 MICRO 16,782
Queens (QC) 47,764 36,553 DFICHE, 1RFICHE, CARD, FICHE, FILM, PFICH, PFILM, PPRIN  84,317
CSI (SI) 3122 212 MF, FICHE 3334
YORK (YC) 178 11 MICRO 189

wow=xx and wpd=(a or d or f or g or k or m or s or v) not WST=SUPPRESSED plus a count of microform based on collection codes each campus provided: 

For example: (wow=xx and wcl=mfilm or micro or docch or docfc not wfm=se not wpd=h) or (wow=xx and wpd=h not wcl=mfilm or micro or docch or docfc not wfm=se) not wst=suppressed   

[(non-serial non-microform bibs with microform holdings) + (non-serial microform bibs with non-microform holding)]

*Excludes suppressed bibs -- If you wish to include them, use the CCL search above minus the "not wst=suppressed"

*As of July 2018

Title counts for streaming some media collections listed on ERAC survey 2017-18.  Please also include streaming media collections not included here if you subscribe.

Alexander Street Press:  Download "bibliography" for each collection to get a list of titles or use the number found in the brochure etc. :A complete list of audio and video collections can be found here: (Video collection only:

DRAM: 4624 albums  detailed here:

Films on Demand -- this page lists title counts for different academic collections.

Kanopy:  If using PDA/DDA, only include titles you have licensed

Naxos Music Library: 134,650-- found here:

Serial records in Aleph: ​wow=xx and wfm=se not wpd=c not wst=suppressed


Print serials
Baruch (BB) 6,528
Brooklyn (BC) 18,997
BMCC (BM) 1,061
Bronx (BX) 560
City (CC) + DSI (DS) + SPH (PH) 22,283
Law (CL) 763
Grad (GC) 1,747
Journalism (GJ) 113
Hostos (HO) 249
Hunter (HC) + Centro (CP) 3,679
John Jay (JJ) 7,487
Kingsborough (KB) 1,756
Lehman (LE) 4,554
LaGuardia (LG) 1,297
Medgar (ME) 984
Guttman (NC) 33
City Tech (NY) 1,557
Queensborough (QB) 1,202
Queens (QC) 14,930
CSI (SI) 1,771
York (YC) 1,170

wow=xx and wfm=se not wpd=c not wst=suppressed

*Command search in Aleph 7-9-18

*Excludes suppressed bibs

*Includes serial microforms

*Count only once if title is available in both print and microforms.





E-journal count generated by OLS using SFX -- report was run August 2018

College electronic serials
Baruch 134,553 
BC 122,005 
BMCC 114,687 
Bronx CC 114,255 
City + DSI + PH 118,040
Law 116,755
Grad 126,171 
Journalism 118,578 
Hostos 118,956 
Hunter + Centro 116,834 
John Jay 123,763 
Kingsborough 116,066 
Lehman 115,280 
LaGuardia 116,252 
Medgar 115,153 
Guttman 114,187 
City Tech 114,780 
Queensborough 114,824 
Queens  121,606 
CSI 121,194 
York 126,721 


Updated August 2018


These numbers are for FY 2017-18. They answer Q45b in the ACRL survey but are NOT included in the total for library collection expenditures Q44b -- these are for digital resources.





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