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Accessibility Workshop on OER for LaGuardia Community College: Layout

Accessibility information on OER layout

General Information:

When you create a web page or document which has well organized content it helps users to orient themselves and to navigate effectively.

Why is layout important?

  • A site or document which is well-structured is easier to understand and navigate.
  • Everyone can benefit from a site which is well-structured.
  • A well laid out page helps people with visual impairments, including low vision, orient themselves on the page and understand content.
  • Keyboard users can browse pages and their sections more efficiently.
  • People with cognitive and learning disabilities can more easily find and prioritize content on a well laid out page.
  • A well laid out page helps users perceive, operate and understand, POUR principles.

How to create good layout?

  • Use headings to separate sections.
  • Use lists.
  • Don’t use tables for layout.
  • Don’t only use visual cues (such as color) to show the layout.


Creating Accessible Layout Instructions