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CUNY libraries statistics 2016-2017 (archive)

ACRL Library Collections

Library Collections

See ACRL instructions (pp. 8-12)

40 Books [title count] (column A physical)

Use Table 1. This is a title count.

40 Books [title count] (column B digital/electronic)

Use the total number of e-books for your campus in Table 2. 

40a Books [volume count] (column A physical)

Use Table 3. This is a volume count.  Add to this number a count of any volumes, including bound serials, that do not have an item record.

41 Databases (column B digital/electronic)

Count CUNY and locally licensed databases, both bibliographic and full text, on your A-Z list. Include e-book collections. Include NOVELNYdatabases. Do not include individual titles such as the NYTimes digital or the Chronicle of Higher Education; count those as part of 43B.

42a Media (column A physical)

Use Table 4, physical media. Add your total number of non-serial microform titles to the number provided (microform serials counted in 43a). Use a CCL search to retrieve your non-serial microforms. See instructions in Table 4. Include maps here.

42b Media (column B digital/electronic)

Table 5  includes links to vendor websites which list  title counts for streaming media collections. Sum up title counts for collections your campus subscribes to, found on the ERAC survey. Only include titles that have been purchased or leased by the library. Do not include full title count for Kanopy or other PDA/DDA collections--only count titles for which a lease has been triggered. For audio collections, do not count tracks, count titles only.

43a Serials titles (column A physical)

Use Table 6, which reflects serial titles, including a count of ceased titles. Report serial microforms here. Use a CCL search to retrieve a count of serial microforms. See instruction in Table 6.  

43b Serials titles (column B digital/electronic)

Use Table 7, a report generated by OLS using SFX data. The count includes open access titles searchable through OneSearch. Add  individual electronic titles that are not part of your SFX holdings.

**Please note: the SFX data used in table 7 is still being compiled. We will add this data to Table 7 as soon as we can.*** 12/13/17

44 Total (physical)

Calculated sum of 40, 42 & 43

44 Total (electronic)

Calculated sum of 40, 41, 42 & 43

Total print monograph bib records in Aleph (title count)

College Number of records
CUNY-wide records (AL) n/a
Baruch (BB) 287,518
Brooklyn (BC) 678,165
BMCC (BM) 92,700
Bronx (BX) 63,510
CITY (CC) + DSI (DS) + SPH (PH) 739,652
CUNY LAW (CL) 24,314
Graduate Center (GC) 208,663
Journalism (GJ) 2,969
Hostos (HO) 53,957
Hunter (HC) + Centro (CP) 438,832
John Jay (JJ) 182,416
Kingsborough (KB) 156,267
Lehman (LE) 304,733
LaGuardia (LG) 89,478
Medgar Evers (ME) 103,146
Guttman (NC) 2,009
City Tech (NY) 114,060
Queensborough (QB) 109,962
Queens (QC) 634,669
CSI (SI) 177,033
York (YC) 147,840

Command search in the Aleph: 11/15/2017

wow=xx and wfm=(bk or mu) not wpd=(c or h) not wfs=m not wst=suppressed or circ [title count]


College Ebooks
Baruch 588,908
BC 559,953
BMCC 544,621 
Bronx CC 533,409
City + DSI+ SPH 695,003
Law 611,997
Grad 884,661
Journalism 536,584
Hostos 542,510
Hunter and Centro 602,800
John Jay 692,751
Kingsborough 538,843
Lehman 649,695
LaGuardia 545,512
Medgar 539,926
Guttman 535,157
City Tech 544,006
Queensborough 581,791
Queens  546,460
CSI 538,477
York 555,662

SFX report run by OLS, includes 531,578 centrally provided (AL) e-books. 

Report was run: December 4. 2017.

Total print items records in Aleph (items count)

Aleph report physical_type_count: items for each campus with material type BOOK, ISSBD, MANUS, SCO.  Add to this number a count of any serial volumes that do not have an item record.

Baruch 330,647
BMCC 111,883
Bronx 73,661
Brooklyn 858,291
City 741,809
City Tech 126,321
Grad 234,428
Guttman 2,686
Hostos 60,924
Hunter and Centro 520,024
John Jay  222,482
Journalism 3,163
Kingsborough 186,066
LaGuardia 98,449
Law 30,928
Lehman 367,119
Medgar 124,887
Public Health 78
Queensborough 125,987
Queens 742,233
Staten Island 205,415
York 159,721

Collection Items Count (Physical)

Report Date: July 3, 2017

NOTE: All active physical items, not including electronic resources. Excluded item statuses: CA, CL, CN, EB, ER, LO, LP, MI, MT, NA, NP, NR, OR, OI, ON, RP, SE, SU, WD.

Media (physical)

The table below contains all physical media for each campus with the exception of microforms.  Use the instructions below to obtain a count of microforms for your campus and add that number to the physical media count in the table below.

  • For non-serial microforms, do a CCL search on your local microfilms and microfiches collections in Aleph GUI. Please contact your cataloger if you have questions about collection codes. This search excludes serial microforms that are counted in 43a Serials Physical/Table 6.
    • Sample CCL --- (Wow=xx and wcl=mfilm or micro or docch or docfc not wfm=se not wpd=h) or (wow=xx and wpd=h not wcl=mfilm or micro or docch or docfc not wfm=se) not wst=suppressed
    • (non-serial non-microform bibs with microform holdings) + (non-serial microform bibs with non-microform holding)
  • When doing a command search in Aleph, select "Bib file" (see below; click for larger image).


Physical Media bib counts (excludes microforms)


Physical Media

(excludes microforms)

Baruch (BB) 3612
Brooklyn (BC) 22,093
BMCC (BM) 2,223
Bronx CC (BX) 2,395
City + DSI + SPH (CC or DS or PH) 23,048
Law (CL) 252
Grad (GC) 5,932
Journalism (GJ) 73
Hostos (HO) 2172
Hunter + Centro (HC or CP) 27,642
John Jay (JJ) 30,235
Kingsborough (KB) 1,767
Lehman (LE) 4,512
LaGuardia (LG) 3,564
Medgar (ME) 7008
Guttman (NC) 126
City Tech (NY) 4,823
Queensborough (QB) 16,712
Queens (QC) 47,698
CSI (SI) 37,202
York (YC) 176

wow=xx and wpd=(a or d or f or g or k or m or s or v) not WST=SUPPRESSED

*Excludes suppressed bibs -- If you wish to include them, use the CCL search above minus the "not wst=suppressed"

*As of July 2017

Title counts for streaming media collections listed on ERAC survey 2016-17

Alexander Street Press:  Download "bibliography" for each collection to get a list of titles or use the number found in the brochure etc. :A complete list of audio and video collections can be found here: (Video collection only:

DRAM: 4624 albums  detailed here:

Films on Demand -- this page lists title counts for different academic collections.

Kanopy:  If using PDA/DDA, only include titles you have purchased

Naxos Music Library: 134,650-- found here:


Print serials
Baruch (BB) 6,351
Brooklyn (BC) 18,960
BMCC (BM) 1,079
Bronx (BX) 561
City (CC) + DSI (DS) + SPH (PH) 22,253
Law (CL) 967
Grad (GC) 1,564
Journalism (GJ) 112
Hostos (HO) 264
Hunter (HC) + Centro (CP) 3,893
John Jay (JJ) 7,481
Kingsborough (KB) 1,780
Lehman (LE) 4,562
LaGuardia (LG) 1,305
Medgar (ME) 987
Guttman (NC) 32
City Tech (NY) 1,589
Queensborough (QB) 1,195
Queens (QC) 16,107
CSI (SI) 1,874
York (YC) 1,188

wow=xx and wfm=se not wpd=c not wst=suppressed

*Command search in Aleph (12/6/2017)

*Excludes suppressed bibs

*Includes serial microforms

*Count only once if title is available in both print and microforms.





E-journal count generated by OLS using SFX -- report was run Dec 2017

College electronic serials
Baruch 117,795
BC 108,523
BMCC 103,638
Bronx CC 103,186
City + DSI 106,983
Law 105,425
Grad 115,189
Journalism 107,338
Hostos 107,143
Hunter + Centro 105,674
John Jay 110,039
Kingsborough 105,021
Lehman 115,189
LaGuardia 105,706
Medgar 105,126
Guttman 103,122
City Tech 103,731
Queensborough 103,782
Queens  108,763
CSI 110,924
York 115,526