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CUNY Aleph Catalog Optimization Projects: Inactive Subscriptions


Close inactive subscriptions to prevent creation of unwanted subscriptions or orders during the migration to Alma.

Recommended Target Date for Completion

Please close inactive subscriptions before January 30, 2020.

Project Description

Many subscriptions remain open for titles with closed orders or no orders. These titles were canceled with the vendor, and the order might have been closed in Aleph, but the subscriptions were left open and active in Aleph. This could lead to a problem in Alma because active Aleph subscriptions will migrate into Alma as active subscriptions. There is the potential that orders will also be created for open subscriptions, even though the titles are actually canceled.

When you close an order and delete items for the issues that did not arrive, the title will no longer show up on claim reports. However, the subscription remains open unless you go in and close it by changing the end date, a step that is easy to forget. Deleting an order does not delete or close the subscription.

A report of active subscriptions for each campus is in the Task Manager with the name: xx_active_subscriptions. Import your report into Excel and sort it by order status (STA). This will help identify cases where the order status is CLS, VC, or LC or there is no order status. The subscription should be closed, with some exceptions such as multiple orders on one record.

To close a subscription change the To Date to today’s date or some earlier one.

Active subscriptions can review their subscription end dates based on a library's own best practice. In the past CUNY had been using a 10 year interval (eg 12/2020), but libraries are welcome to use a different interval.

There are several options for a batch process. For example, we can change all of the subscription ending dates to later this year (2019). Library staff would then extend the ending dates subscriptions that the library wants to keep. Alternately, we could extend ending dates to a year beyond 2020, if they are currently listed as ending before next summer.

If you want to look into the possibility of closing subscriptions by a batch process, please send a work order request to the CUNY Service Desk (