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CUNY libraries statistics 2021-2022

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Stats Contacts      
October 2021      
Baruch Gerry Jiao
BCC Michael Miller Michael.Miller@BCC.CUNY.EDU
BMCC Robin Brown rbrown@BMCC.CUNY.EDU
Brooklyn Michael Hughes
CCNY Sean O'Heir
CSI Kerry Falloon
CSI Christine McEvilly
GC Adriana Palmer
Guttman Amy Beth
Guttman Colette Denali Montoya-Sloan
Hostos Lisa Tappeiner
Hunter John Pell
JJ Ellen Sexton
Journalism Tinamarie Vella
KBCC Carlos Arguelles
LGCC Steve Ovadia
Law Mary Godfrey-Rickards
Lehman Kenneth Schlesinger
Lehman Jacqueline DeQuinzio
MEC Judith Schwartz
NYCCT Maura Smale MSmale@CityTech.Cuny.Edu
QBCC Semanate Carmita
Queens Yearwood Simone
York Di Su