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Open Educational Resources and Zero-Cost Learning: How to create accessible infographics and charts

Creating an accessible infographic

Example of Alt-Text of a Complex image

  • This is an infographic concerning OER and it is too complex to describe in an alt-text field. However you don’t want to leave the alt-text field completely blank, because then only sighted individuals would be able to understand the information in the image.
  • To make this complex infographic accessible a detailed transcript was created conveying all the information contained in the image and then within the alt-text field a note was placed reading: See transcript – “Quick Guide to Open Educational Resources (OERs)”

Complex infographic. See transcript - "Quick Guide to Open Educational Resources (OERs)"..
Attribution: [Georgia State University] (n.d) Quick Guide to Open Educational Resources (OERs) infographic (CC_BY_NC license).