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Open Educational Resources and Zero-Cost Learning: Overall Accessibility Info

Accessibility LogoDuring this time of forced remote distance learning and teaching at all CUNY campuses, CUNY re-affirms its commitment to making it's web-based, electronic content accessible. To that end, this section provides tips, instructions and help in creating accessible content for your course, your assignments and any sites you create.

Remember: Making your content accessible will help EVERYBODY, even those without a disability.

Remember:  You are not striving for perfection.  Don't let your desire to make everything as accessible as possible or your fear of creating content which is not accessible stop you from taking whatever steps you can to increase accessibility.

Accessibility Information

When creating an online course it is important to think about making your site, materials and assignments accessible from the beginning of creation. Design for diversity and a diversity of learners.

Learn how to create accessible content by looking at how the following areas and items can be made accessible.

Remember: A main method of creating an accessible course site and materials is to present your information in as many forms and formats as possible. If you have a video post it. If you have an audio to the same video post that as well. If you have a transcript of the audio from the video post that as well. If you have access to several language versions of a document post those as well or note them in your syllabus or on your site.

Detailed guides and instructions on accessibility

Checklist to create an accessible syllabus

This is a broad checklist of things to think about in your creation of an accessible course.

Checklist for Teaching Deaf Students Online