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CUNY libraries statistics 2018-2019 (archive)

Interlibrary Loan Services

Question Explanation
80. Does your institution have Interlibrary Loan services?


81. Total interlibrary loans and documents provided to other libraries

Numbers of answers to these questions are available from two sources:

  1. OCLC Usage Statistics through  Sign in with your nine-digit authorization number and password.  If you have a problem please call OCLC Support.  Select OCLC Worldshare Interlibrary Loan.  Select Institution (and the code for your institution).  Select Lender Activity Overview Report.  In the screen titled Lender Activity Overview Report-Institution, set the period to June 2019 and for 12 months.  For "Returnable" use the "Loan" row for "Non-returnable" use the "Copy" row.  The report can be exported into Excel.
  2. ILLiad Reports.  In ILLIAD, select "System", then "Web Reports", then "Lending", then "Fill Rate Statistics."  Set the beginning date as July 1, 2018 and the end date as June 30, 2019.  For "Returnable" select "Loans" and for "Non-Returnable" select "Articles."

You may use either OCLC or ILLiad as the source of your numbers in Interlibrary Loan, but you must be consistent in using the same source for lending and borrowing.  Note that the totals reported by OCLC and ILLiad vary due to the timing between when the request is submitted and when it is filled.

Also, add the number of items loaned to libraries other than through OCLC and ILLiad.  For example, if you fill any requests from libraries using ALA forms, add those to your totals.

81a  ILL-01 Returnable (if available) See Question 81
81b  ILL-02  Non-returnable (if available) See Question 81
81c Total if ILL-01 and ILL-02 are reported separately

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82. Total interlibrary loans and documents received

As with lending (questions 81 a-c above), one may attain the number received (borrowed) through the same two sources listed above.

  1. OCLC Usage Statistics, through  This time, use Borrower Activity Overview Report.
    1. ILLiad Reports.  This time, use "Borrowing"  ⇒ "Fill Rate Statistics."

82a.  ILL-03 Returnable (if available)

See Question 82
82b.  ILL-04 Non-returnable (if available) See Question 82
82c. ILL-05 Documents received from commercial services (if available)

Commercial services include the British Library Document Supply Center (BRI), CISTS, Center for Research Information, Documents Delivered, InfoQuest, The U.S. Document Retrieval Center, and others. If you have used these services please indicate the number of items received.  These would be included in Illiad web reports (though not the OCLC WorldShare reports), and therefore the number must be subtracted from 82b.  If the number cannot be determined, skip this question and include it in your answer to 82b.

82d. Total if ILL-03, ILL-04 and ILL-05 are reported separately

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