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CUNY libraries statistics 2014-2015 (Archive)

A guide to assist CUNY libraries with the ACRL and IPEDS surveys

2014 IPEDS Q & A for Library Directors and Contacts

Instructions for CUNY libraries:

Institutional research directors for each campus have created a user ID and password for chief librarians that will enable them to access the IPEDS AL component. T If you haven't received this information, please contact your Institutional Research Director.

Once you get your username and temporary password from your IR director, login to the IPEDS AL.   You will be asked to change your password and complete an information screen with name, address, email, etc.  After you've entered this information, you be taken to a screen listing Current Collection Surveys. You can enter data into the Academic Libraries survey.

We ask that you complete both ACRL and the IPEDS-AL surveys and submit your data to Shamiana Pond in the Office of Library Services by March 16, 2016.


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