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Accessibility Toolkit for Open Educational Resources (OER): Dropbox

Accessibility guide for creating OER


While Dropbox is not a platform which CUNY promotes using, there are professors who use Dropbox as a way to share documents and course content with their students. 


Dropbox's site states their mission is to "to unleash the world’s creative energy by designing a more enlightened way of working", unfortunately they do not take accessibility issues into consideration while designing a more "enlightened way of working."

On 3/6/18 I wrote to Dropbox and asked if  "Dropbox had a VPAT or an accessibility statement which you could share?"  Here, unfortunately was the answer I received after they did some searching:

"I've asked around as much as I can for you, but unfortunately the sorry answer I've found is that at the moment we don't have any accessibility statements regarding the website"


I performed the WAVE test and ran the Tota11y add-on tool.

NOT SIGNED IN: homepage:

  • Found several contrast errors
  • Found links with unclear text.
  • I was able to move around the site using only my keyboard and images had correct alt-text.

AFTER SIGNING IN: account page:

I encountered several problems:

  • Became trapped on pop-up page which was describing updates to their site. 
    • Could not tab out of the page, meaning I could not navigate around their site using my keyboard..
  • Contrast errors
  • Links with unclear text
  • Missing form labels
  • Missing or uninformative page title

Instructions on how to make accessible content on dropbox

Dropbox does not provide any reminders or tips for users about adding accessible content.  Therefore, if you or a faculty member decide to use the Dropbox platform to share content with students, look over our tips and how-to information on creating accessible content.