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Accessibility Toolkit for Open Educational Resources (OER): Google Sites

Accessibility guide for creating OER

Google Products

According to Google's Administrator Guide to Accessibility site, Google's mission is to "make the world's information more accessible for all users, including people with disabilities, such as visual impairment, color deficiency, and hearing impairment. We're working towards these goals by:
  • Building accessibility into Google products
  • Developing accessibility APIs and services for Google Android and Chrome OS platforms
  • Supporting open standards to ensure that the greater web is accessible through all adaptive technologies

Google Products

Google provides a "G Suite User Guide to Accessibility" which is really helpful. 

  • They provide tips on which combinations of operating systems, screen readers and browsers to use. 
  • They provide individual tips for each of their Google products. Here are links to a few such as:
  • They provide tips specifically for users accessing their products on mobile devices.
    • This is specifically useful for CUNY because according to a CUNY ZTC Survey (zero cost textbooks) poll conducted in the Spring 2018, the second most used platform for accessing OERs was via mobile phone.
  • They also provide "lists of resources to help you get started with G Suite using assistive technology."  They include information on diverse needs but the majority "of the resources are primarily for blind or low-vision users."

Google VPATs