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Accessibility Toolkit for Open Educational Resources (OER): Titles

Accessibility guide for creating OER

Accessibility Information on Titles

General Information:

When you create a web page, a word document, a PowerPoint, a spreadsheet make sure you create a meaningful title for your item.

Why are page titles important?

  • Screen readers announce the page and slide titles when they load web pages, documents and presentations.
  • A good page title helps orient users to the content of the page or document.
  • A good title helps users understand, a POUR principle.

How to Create good page titles:

  • Page titles should be brief, clear, informative, and unique.

Specific Platform Instructions for adding Titles

  • The first block of every post or page is the title.
  • After that, you can use the mouse to move below the title or press the enter key on your keyboard to move down and start writing.

WordPress gutenberg title screen grab

  • Page and Post titles should be brief, clear, informative, and unique.WordPress classic title instructions screengrab.
  • Page titles should be brief, clear, informative, and unique.
  • When adding new pages in LibGuides, the "Page Name" field is equivalent to the "Title" field.

LibGuides title screen grab.