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CUNY libraries statistics 2019-2020 (Archive)

Library Expenses

Questions ACRL Answer

Indicate the number of branch and independent libraries (exclude the main or central library).  

Use ACRL survey question 68

Library expenditures should be reported for the most recent 12-month period that corresponds to your institution's fiscal year that ends before October 1, 2018.

Total salaries and wages from the library budget. 

Use your answer for ACRL survey question 6.

Are staff fringe benefits paid out of the library budget? 

 Total fringe benefits:  This amount should be $0

Materials/services expenditures

One-time purchases of books, serial backfiles, and other materials:

Use your answer for ACRL survey question 20.

Ongoing commitments to subscriptions:

Use your answer for ACRL survey question 21.

All other materials/service cost:

Use your answer for ACRL survey question 22.

Total materials/services expenditures:

This line will automatically be calculated for you.

Operations and maintenance expenditures

Preservation services:

Use your answer for ACRL survey question 24.

All other operations and maintenance expenditures:

Use your answer for ACRL survey question 25.

Total operations and maintenance expenditures:

This line will automatically be calculated for you.
Total Expenditures:  This line will automatically be calculated for you.


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