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CUNY libraries statistics 2019-2020 (Archive)

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Stats Contacts
September 2018
Baruch Gerry Jiao
BCC Michael Miller
BMCC Robin Brown 
Brooklyn Michael  Hughes
CCNY Sean O'Heir
CSI Kerry Falloon
CSI Christine McEvilly
GC Adriana Palmer
Guttman Amy Beth
Guttman Colette Denali Montoya-Sloan
Hostos Lisa Tappeiner
Hunter Claibourne Williams
JJ Ellen Sexton
Journalism Tinamarie Vella
KBCC Josephine Murphy
LGCC Steve Ovadia
Law Mary  Godfrey-Rickards
Lehman Kenneth Schlesinger
MEC Judith Schwartz
NYCCT Maura Smale
QBCC Semanate Carmita
Queens Nancy Armao
York Di Su