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CUNY libraries statistics 2019-2020 (Archive)

Trends 2020

2020 Academic Library Trends Questions: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

For clarification on the meaning of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) or social justice please see ALA’s’ Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services (ODLOS):

1. Does your library have formal, written goals for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI)?

2.0 Library Activity

2.1 Does your library do (or has it done) any of the following? (check all that apply)

Analyze the demographics of local or campus communities for use in planning or setting goals

Assign personal librarians as liaisons to programs devoted to underrepresented or marginalized groups

Attend programming and/or events related to EDI

Charge one or more library committees to focus on EDI issues/initiatives.

Collect and preserve materials related to underrepresented and marginalized groups

Collect materials related to teaching and/or research in EDI

Conduct periodic antiracism audits

Conduct periodic reviews of library space to ensure inclusive and/or representative artwork is on the walls

Conduct periodic reviews of library space to ensure accessibility for other-abled individuals

Incorporate EDI into library instruction

Participate in and/or lead research related to EDI

Posted public statements or created action plans in support of antiracism or Black Lives Matter?

Provide programming, events, or space  for EDI

Serve on campus committee(s) focused on EDI

Support staff participation in professional development for EDI

Support textbook affordability initiatives (i.e., OER, textbooks on reserve)

Use data from campus and/or library assessments of climate as it relates to EDI

Other (Please specify)

3.0 Hiring and Retention

3.1 What strategies is the library using to hire staff from underrepresented groups? (Check all that apply)

Action plans for recruiting underrepresented groups

Analyzing the number of applicants, finalists, and hires from underrepresented groups

Conducting blind review of resumes and other application materials

Including an explicit EDI statement in job postings

Offering higher salaries to reflect supply/demand imbalance for hires from underrepresented groups

Offering implicit bias and/or cultural competency training for library staff

Offering residency or fellowship program(s)

Posting the position to a diverse range of audiences

Providing formal mentorship programs for new hires

Requiring candidates to demonstrate support for EDI initiatives in their job applications

Rewriting position descriptions to encourage a broader pool of applicants

Training search committees on best practices for inclusive searches

Other (Please specify)

No specific efforts have been made to hire staff from underrepresented groups

3.2 What strategies does the library use to retain staff from underrepresented groups?

Action plans for retaining employees from underrepresented groups

Formal mentorship programs for new hires

Fostering an inclusive workplace culture

Working to dismantle systemic racism in our organization

Other (Please specify)

No intentional efforts have been made to retain staff from underrepresented groups

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