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CUNY libraries statistics 2019-2020 (Archive)

Submitting IPEDS

Campus libraries cannot lock surveys.

When you are finished entering your data, run it through edit checks. The screen should look like the below image. It should say Clean (0/1 locks). Institutional research will lock the survey.IPEDS' clean screen

If you see this screen, congratulations! You're done!

If you see this, you need to resolve errors with comments:

ACRL IPEDS unclean screen

Click the Perform Edits link to be taken to this screen:

List of IPEDS errors

Click Go to error screen to see the errors.They'll have an icon next to them:

IPEDS error icons


When all of your errors are resolved, you'll see this screen:

IPEDS resoved

If all the errors are marked as resolved and your data still doesn't show as clean, just refresh the page. Once it says clean, you're all set!

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