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LIbguides Presentation: Getting Started as Admin (Jennifer)

A New Admin's Checklist

This is my plan...

Step 1: Customize the System Settings

Step 2: Design Your Homepage

Step 3: Create Subject Categories

Step 4: Create Your A-Z List

Step 5: Add Some Users

Step 6: Make a Guide (covered in Basic LibGuides session)

Step 7: Design the Look

System Settings

Select "System Settings" from the Admin menu.

System Settings menu item

It's especially important to:

  • Name your system
  • Assign a contact/support email
  • Add or correct institution URL
  • Add your proxy URL
  • Add your Syndetics client ID

Remember to scroll down to add your social media accounts!

Design Your Homepage

Select "Look & Feel" from the Admin menu.

Look & Feel menu item

Then select the "Homepage" tab.

Here you can:

  • Change from the default homepage to a specially designed guide
  • Select a default view for guides browsing
  • Add and remove homepage boxes.

Remember to scroll down to:

  • Add or edit intro texts
  • Select featured profiles
  • Customize the help box.

Create Subject Categories

Select "Subjects, Tags & URLS" from the Admin menu.

Subjects, Tags & URLs menu item

By default, the Subjects tab will be selected.

Here you can:

  • Add new subjects
  • Associate librarians ("Subject Experts") with subjects
  • Associate guides with subjecs
  • Delete subjects

Create Your A-Z List

Select "Assets" from the Content menu.

Assets menu item

Select the "A-Z Database List" Tab.

Here you can:

  • Add or edit individual databases
  • Upload an Excel list of databases for importing (see link below for more instructions)
  • Create and manage database types
  • Create and manage database vendors

Add Some Users

Select "Accounts" from the Admin menu.

Accounts menu item

Here you can:

  • Add new Accounts (look for Add Accounts button)
  • Delete users (look for X to right of user name)
  • Change user access levels (look for gears to right of user name)

Design the Look

Select "Look & Feel" from the Admin menu.

By default, the "Header / Footer / Tabs / Boxes" tab will be selected.

Here you can:

  • Upload a banner image or customize using HTML
  • Code a customized page footer
  • Change the color and shape of boxes, colors of fonts, and prevent users from changing these settings

Yeah, It's a Privilege

What's the big deal about admin privileges? You can do all this crazy stuff:

  • Add and edit the A-Z List
  • Add and edit icons
  • Add and edit the Image Manager's shared library
  • Customize all those System Settings
  • Do a data export. Cause you can.
  • Search and Replace. This is power.
  • Run reports for homepage statistics and content summary

You Need to Get Some Help

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