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LIbguides Presentation: Libguides as Your Homepage

Main Objectives

  • homepage essentials
  • A-Z list using Libguides
  • how to add a database
  • how to embedd video
  • examples of non and working libguide homepages
  • Libguides as cv and office hours

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Rationale for Libguides as Home page

  • AccessbilitY

  • degree of control-creative and otherwise

  • No need for other departmental control or assistance such as IT
  • Customizable to Library specific needs
  • easy to trouble shoot
  • connect more creators of content in the library
  • Non-HTML option
  • Integrates smoothly with subject/ course guides
  • Control hours, calendar, and scheduling independently and confined to Library department
  • Benefits of other tools
    • LIBCAL