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LIbguides Presentation: How other libraries are using Libguides--(Nancy)

Sample guides

Another nice example of a library homepage that uses Libguides is the Newport News Public Library. 

A lot of libraries use Libguides to build a part of their webpage. MIT does not use Libguides for their homepage but they've constructed a nice staff directory using Libguides.

Curtin University has a nice teaching support guide.

The Electronic Resources Management Department at American University uses libguides not only for their A to Z list of databases but also to highlight database trials.

You can use it as a committee add and edit information back and forth. You can also share documents, spreadsheets, etc. without filling up each others' email accounts. Also, one of the nice features of version 2 is that you can choose to make some pages of a particular guide private so that you can distribute your guide outside of the committee members for general use but keep some pages private to be used just among yourselves.

Some libraries, like the Library at Weber State University, use Libguides to create their library newsletter or to display their library newsletters, Broadview University.

Here's an OER from the Unitec Institute of Technology.

Or, the Electronic Resources Marketing Committee will be using Libguides to create marketing toolkits for Onesearch. and The New York Times Academic Pass.

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