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LIbguides Presentation: How to create a gallery box

How to create a Gallery Box

These instructions will assume that you already have images in your image library. If you don't, choose the images you want in your gallery box and follow the instructions for "how to upload images in your Libguide." Those instructions can be found as another subtab on this page.

Then, click on Add box. Name the box, and then pulldown the type of box you want and choose "gallery."

Then click on Save.

There will be a message in your box:

Click on the gear icon as indicated. You'll see this pop-up:

Then, type in a label or a caption (see the difference in the Gallery Box below--the Label, Library, comes out bolded in the middle of the box, the Caption, Library Cake, is closer to the bottom of the box) and then click on 'browse" to retrieve the image you want. Clicking on browse will take you to your image library:


When your Image Library pops up click on the landscape icon under the picture that you want uploaded into your gallery box. In this case, the picture of the cake that looks like a library!! Also, if you want your images to be linkable to a webpage, enter that URL in the "Image Link Url box." Then, click on okay, or add more images as desired! When you're done, there will be pictures in your gallery box. Click on preview (above)  and watch your images alternate (like the gallery box below).


Example of a Gallery Box


Library Cake

Red Velvet