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LIbguides Presentation: Widgets, Stats, and Links (Jennifer)

Widget example


Widgets are handy. They let you insert functionality into a guide, or most any website.

Out of the box, you can create the following widgets:

  • Guides - share lists of guides 
  • A-Z List - share lists of databases 
  • Users - share lists of LibGuides users / authors
  • Subjects - share lists of your LibGuides subject categories
  • Groups - share lists of your LibGuides Groups (CMS Only) 
  • Tags - share lists of your LibGuides Tags
  • Content Box - share a box from one of your guides
  • Guide / Page - share a guide or page from a guide
  • Search Box - share a box that searches either (a) your guides or (b) your databases

Go to Tools, then select "Widgets."

Widgets menu item

This is a Widget


A view of LibGuides stats

You can generate some pretty detailed statistics for your guides--pages, subpages, and links clicked.

System admins can see homepage hits and content summaries.

Link Checking

Link Checker menu item

Note that reports are generated once a week, on Saturday.