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LIbguides Presentation: What's changed (Nancy)

What's New In Version 2!

Pull down that little wheel on towards the top of the screen.

notice that you can assign a guide Type. In this way, your guides will display in different categories in your landing page:


Now, go to the little landscape icon at the top of the page:

you now have a choice of your traditional top-tabbed guides, or use side of the page navigation like they've done at Middlebury.

Also, you can insert Prev / Next Links like the ones at the bottom of this guide!

....and, check out all the colors and fonts you can change in your tab & box options:



Are there new boxes in version 2?

Yes! Look at the boxes below. You can create a tabbed box or a gallery box. Also, some of the types of boxes that you could create in version 1, are a little easier to do with version 2!

A tabbed Box

Present different information, images, videos, etc. in each Tab (check out the Tips and Tricks section to learn how to add images to your Libguides and create a Gallery box).

Like in this tabbed box displaying images of New York.

The Woolworth Building.

Or, Create a Gallery box where the images rotate, like the box below!

Gallery box

Statue of Liberty

Brooklyn Bridge

Woolworth Building

The Cloisters


The CMS upgrade is not included in the central subscription. If you want CMS, your library will have to pay extra for that--however, the CUNY price is $900 (the usual price is $1100).

Check out this link to see what you get with the CMS upgrade.

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