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LIbguides Presentation: Getting Started (Nanette)

Create your Profile

  1. Log in to LibApps at the bottom of a LibGuide page.
  2. On the yellow command bar (top of page), if the first item is not on LibApps, click on the down arrow.
  3. On the LibApps page, click on Profile.  Fill out the information, make sure the Page and Box is selected.    

Creating a Page - Notes for Demo

1.  On your LibGuide Dashboard (Home) click on + Create Guide.

2. Select Group Assignment and Guide Type (You can add or change these items at any time).  Selecting these items will place the LibGuides into categories (Subject, Faculty, Course) on the Library Guides page. 

3. Click on Create Guide

4.  Now you are on the home page of the LibGuide.

5.   My page is set up to bring in my profile picture.  If yours is not set-up this way you can add a profile box. More than one profile box can be added to a LibGuide this is helpful when a few people are teaching different sections with the same teacher. 

6.  Depending on the page I will change the layout before I add boxes 

7.   At QCC we usually do not use the Top or Bottom Boxes to be consistent across all the pages.  Recently, when we closed early for snow the Top Box came in handy to have the announcement across the top of the page.  Also I have seen LibGuides with the Top Box and it looked nice so you have to consider your design style.   

8.   Add a box the box choices are Standard, Tabbed, Gallery or Profile.

9.  Let's choose a Tabbed Box.

10.  Each Tab is like a mini page - add links, databases, files, change order of the tabs, and for instance with the current push many schools have made OneSearch the first tab.  In the tips and tricks section I will show you how to add the OneSearch box to a Tab or Box.

11. If you choose a Standard box you can mix items /resources in a box.  For example you can put links, databases, books, rich text, widgets all in the same box.

12.  Add Links (use the links below as a sample).

13.  Show creating a widget - from QCC LibCal(?)  -  I have found that selecting the JavaScript code for widgets is the better choice.    



News Links to use for Content during the Demo

Unique Looks

Using CSS to create a unique guide.