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Alma Implementation

Access Services & Resource Sharing Working Group


  • Develop and maintain standard system-wide policies and workflows to enhance and expand access to CUNY collections.
  • Research security best practices and policies related to patron data, and recommend policies related to storing, sharing, and managing patron information.
  • Research and develop configuration for access services and resource sharing functionality within the Alma library services platform (LSP).
  • Explore new and emerging options for fulfillment and resource sharing in Alma to expand the sharing of resources outside of CUNY.
  • Propose optimal system settings to: enhance efficiency for local access, encourage widespread effective system resource sharing, and produce reliable data for system-wide data analysis.
  • Create shared analytics recommendations to continue data-driven development of Access Services and Resource Sharing activities.
  • Analyze fulfillment options within Primo ("CUNY OneSearch"), and recommend best practices to the standing Public Services Committee that are user-friendly and encourage the best use of local and system-wide resources.
  • Review needs and options for Access Services and Resource Sharing training at CUNY, and recommend training plans to the Alma Steering Committee and Alma Training Working Group.

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