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Alma Implementation


Communication Plan

As part of the Alma migration, we're trying to clarify communication and work responsibilities across different CUNY library constituencies. We're using a responsibility assignment matrix (see below), which is a tool for visualizing these sorts of workflows. The matrix can be tough to parse, though, so this is what it looks like in English:

Constituency: CUNY as a whole

  • Working group minutes will be posted on LibGuide
  • Alma monthly status report and one-month look-ahead shared on CULIBS (via Allie)

Constituency: Council of Chief Librarians

  • Receive first draft of monthly Alma status report, submitted by Allie
  • Consulted on general Alma project updates/issues, via Greg or Allie (as appropriate)

Constituency: OLS Standing Committees

  • Notified about work/projects directly, when applicable
  • Responsible for executing migration and pre-migration related tasks
  • Generate migration-related tasks
  • Consulted on general Alma project updates/issues

Constituency: Alma Steering Committee

  • Oversee/direct migration and implementation work
  • Stay updated on all minutes in the LibGuide

Constituency: Alma Working Groups

  • Submit important news/updates to Allie
  • Submit minutes to Allie after meeting
  • Consulted on general Alma project updates/issues
  • Generate migration-related tasks
  • Brainstorm which other groups need to be notified about work/issues and share appropriately

Constituency: Campus Communications Committee

  • Regularly share Alma information and updates with colleagues on-campus

RACI char for Alma implementation project