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Alma Implementation

Communications Committee


  • Reports to OLS, the CCL, and individual libraries on a standing permanent basis.
  • Works closely with the Alma LSP Steering Committee.
  • Maintains representation by each CUNY academic institution.
  • Provides University-wide distribution of communication about planning and implementation of the library services platform ensuring information is appropriately distributed to all staff who need to be informed within each library.
  • Continues this work beyond the implementation of the Alma LSP.

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Campus Name Email Address Role
OLS Allie Verbovetskaya Chair
BB Mike Waldman Member
BC Judith Wild Member
BM Linda Wadas Member
BX Jesus Sanabria Member
CC Trevar Riley-Reid Member
CL Mary Godfrey-Rickards Member
GC Alycia Sellie Member
GJ Tinamarie Vella Member
HC Clay Williams Member
HO Rhonda Johnson Member
JJ Larry Sullivan Member pro tem
JJ Marta Bladek Member (on sabbatical until 09/2019)
KB Jeffrey Delgado Member
LG Chris McHale Member
LE Stephen Walker Member
ME Ben Franz Member
NC Kelly Castro Member
NY Kel Karpinski Member
QB Jeffrey Jia Member
QC Jim Mellone Member
SI Christine McEvilly Member
YC Meredith Powers Member

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