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Alma Implementation

Functional Team


  • Represents each institution to guide and participate in migration preparation and activities in relevant functional areas.
  • Attends weekly functional calls and extends invitations to said calls to relevant local colleagues.
  • Participates in Ex Libris's "01CUNY Alma/Primo VE" project site in Basecamp and relays local questions.

Upcoming Events


Campus Name Email Address
BB Mike Waldman
BB Stephen Francoeur
BB Monique Prince
BC Judith Wild
BC Sally Bowdoin
BC Michael Hughes
BM Linda Wadas
BM Rebecca Hyams
BX Jesus Sanabria
BX Erma Nieves
CC Trevar Riley-Reid
CC Sean O'Heir
CL Mary Godfrey-Rickards
CL Jonathan Saxon
GC Alycia Sellie
GC Michael Handis
GC Curtis Matthew
GJ Tinamarie Vella
GJ Barbara Gray
HC Clay Williams
HC Wendy Tan
HO Rhonda Johnson
HO Lisa Tappeiner
JJ Marta Bladek
JJ Maria Kiriakova
JJ Maureen Richards
JJ Patrick Raftery
KB Jeffrey Delgado
KB Mark Eaton
LG Chris McHale
LG Francine Egger-Sider
LE Stephen Walker
LE Joan Jocson-Singh
ME Ben Franz
ME Min Ahn
NC Kelly Castro
NC Eke Williams
NY Kel Karpinski
NY Nanette Johnson
QB Jeffrey Jia
QB Connie Williams
QC Jim Mellone
QC Ken Rosenberg
SI Christine McEvilly
SI Kerry Falloon
YC Meredith Powers
YC Junli Diao