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Alma Implementation

Training Working Group


  • In consultation with all working groups and members of the CUNY Libraries, identify training needs related to the implementation of and continued use of a Alma at CUNY.
  • Create and develop a training strategy that addresses needs, format, existing vendor documentation, scalability, content creation, and consortial efficiencies.
  • Facilitate CUNY-wide training opportunities, instruction, and training related events based on the developed training strategy. 
  • Recommend training plans and strategies to the Alma Steering Committee.
  • Support librarians and staff within CUNY who are providing training by providing assistance in developing, assessing, and improving training sessions, learning objects, and training material.
  • Provide overall guidance on assessment and measuring effectiveness of instruction and assist with continued development of training events and programing.
  • The above should include specific suggested workflows that libraries identify as particularly important for early in our go live period on Alma. ( eg checking in and out books, sending materials to a bindery or other CUNY libraries, basic Acq and Cataloging functions )

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