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Alma Implementation

Alma Steering Committee


  • Reporting to OLS and the CCL, this committee will provide a University-wide perspective that streamlines and informs the planning and implementation of the library services platform.
  • They will work closely with OLS and the working groups that will be formed to address specific policies, workflows, and recommendations in various areas.
  • The committee will be tasked with the following:
    • Ensure that the working groups are meeting deadlines and milestones.
    • Ensure that the expectations and deliverables of the working groups and the OLS are aligned.
    • Gather, collate, and prepare recommendations proposed by the working groups for review and approval by OLS and the CCL.
    • Advocate for those recommendations that support streamlined workflows, reduction of duplicative practices, support standard policies, and rationalize local customizations in order to take advantage of opportunities available through the LSP environment.

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Name Email Address Role
Kevin Collins Co-chair
Nancy Egan Co-chair
Roland Samieske Member
Allie Verbovetskaya Member
Cathy Weng Member
Ching-Jung Chen Member
Jill Cirasella Member
Kathleen Collins Member
Linda Miles Member
Mariana Regalado Member
Amy Stempler Member
Steven Ovadia Member
Kathleen Dreyer Member

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