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Alma Implementation

Data Migration Task Force


  • Identify data migration needs and coordinate migration efforts in close collaboration with OLS, the Alma Steering Committee, and other Alma working groups such as the Metadata Standards, and Access Services and Resource Sharing working groups.
  • Assist OLS with data migration preparation efforts in advance of and during the migration to a Library Services Platform.
  • Pursue data migration efforts that will ensure a standard system configuration that allows for enhanced efficiency for local and consortial access, reduce redundant data migration activities among campuses, and produce reliable data for system-wide data analysis.
  • Work with CUNY to investigate NYS guidelines or other relevant standards related to data retention policies, user privacy, and best practices for records management.
  • Investigate best practices for migration of data to Alma.

Upcoming Events


Name Email Address Role
Kevin Collins Chair
Nancy Egan Member
Roland Samieske Member
Cathy Weng Member
Monica Berger Member
Junli Diao Member
Chris McHale Member
Maria Kiriakova Member
Kimmy Szeto Member
Michael Waldman Member

Meeting Minutes

The agenda and meeting recommendations are summarized in the below documents.