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Alma Implementation

Acquisitions Working Group


  • Develop and maintain standard system-wide policies and best practices regarding print acquisitions management in the Alma Library Services Platform (LSP) throughout CUNY. 
  • Create and maintain a plan for facilitating best practices within Alma for OLS and individual campuses for the entire acquisitions life cycle including purchasing, ordering, invoicing, receiving, and claiming.
  • Research acquisitions management best practices and policies in a consortial environment, and recommend policies related to storing, sharing, and managing purchase order lines and cost information. 
  • Research and develop configuration for individual and group-wide acquisitions functionality within Alma and identify any connection needs with campus financial systems. 
  • Propose optimal Alma system settings to: enhance efficiency for local and consortial access, reduce redundant acquisition management activities, and produce reliable data for system-wide data analysis.  
  • Create shared analytics recommendations to continue data-driven decision activities across CUNY. 
  • Review needs and options for training related to acquisitions at CUNY, and recommend training plans to the LSP Training Working Group. This group will work closely with the Alma E-Resources Management Working Group.

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Kevin Collins Member
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Nancy Macomber Member
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Michael Waldman Chair

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